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Rehabilition Centre In Una

Rehabilitation Centre in Una

Reputed Rehabilitation Centre in Una- New Life Foundation

Many people fall into addiction because of loneliness and emotional disbalance. To get away from the reality of the world that takes the help of drugs, alcohol, or any other addictive substance. Eventually, this habit turns into addiction, and this addiction completely ruins their life.

So, if you are also suffering from addiction or start seeing some early symptoms of addiction, contact our rehabilitation centre in Una today.

How are counsellors and therapies at our rehabilitation centre in Una helpful?

We have a team of certified counsellors in therapists at our rehabilitation centre in Una. These counsellors and therapists are well experienced in dealing with different patients.

To get out of addiction treatment, you need medication, but counselling and therapies help you survive that addiction treatment. These counselling and therapies help one to stay motivated and strong-willed.

Our counsellors have strategies and techniques that help in dealing with anxiety, depression, or behavioral issues. Counselling helps in reducing stress and makes you feel good about yourself. It focuses on self-love and controlled emotion.

Therapies are very crucial in building a network in reducing stress. At our rehabilitation centre in Una, we have group therapies that are quite productive. When you meet and interact with people, you learn more. Therefore, we have seminars and talk shows where ex-addicts come and discuss their addiction experiences and how they overcame every challenge.

In our rehabilitation centre, you get medication and time-to-time counselling for faster recovery. We have a success rate of 80.98 % and have many healthy patients starting a new addiction-free life. Now it's your turn!

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