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Rehabilition Centre In Phagwara

Rehabilitation Centre in Phagwara

Reliable Rehabilitation Centre in Phagwara- New Life Foundation

If you wish to quit addiction and start an addiction-free life, join New Life Foundation today. We are the best rehabilitation centre in Phagwara, offering pain-free treatment with the complete privacy of the patient. We understand that it is very tough to deal with addiction.

Once you turn into an addict, you start losing control over yourself. You might suffer from weight loss, health loss, and commitment issues at work and in a relationship. Our rehabilitation centre in Phagwara understands the patient's psychology and offers treatment accordingly. We make sure that our patient lives in a positive environment and feels at home.

We have space for recreational activities to keep you entertained and engaged all day. At our rehabilitation centre in Phagwara, a fixed schedule is mandatory for everyone to follow. We make sure that a patient is indulged in some or other kind of skill-building activities. We believe that addiction treatment requires counselling and behavioural therapies along with medication to keep you motivated and away from anxiety and depression.

Best addiction treatment at our rehabilitation centre in Phagwara

We at our rehabilitation centre in Phagwara make sure that you get the best and most affordable treatment. We have premium quality facilities like pick and drop service, CCTV coverage, organic fruits and vegetables, and highly qualified doctors, nutritionist, nurses, therapists, counsellors, and medical staff.

Our rehabilitation centre in Phagwara offers family guidance and community support.

We at our rehabilitation centre in Phagwara believe that the parent's role is crucial in the addiction treatment program. But many times, the parent has no clue about how to help their addicted child. So, we offer you family therapy sessions so that parents can understand and deal with an addict. These therapies are essential, and every parent should attend these therapies to support their child.

Our rehabilitation centre in Phagwara, offers complete guidance and support to help an addict start a new life. Get enrolled in our rehabilitation centre in Phagwara.

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