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Rehabilition Centre In Patiala

Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala

Most trusted rehabilitation Centre in Patiala - NLFI-2021

New Life Foundation is one of the most reliable and trustworthy rehabilitation centres in Patiala. With the best amenities, arrangements and high success recovery rate, we are the number one rehabilitation centre in Patiala.

There are times when we don't realize how we fall into the trap of addiction. To try something new or cool, many youngsters end up taking drugs and alcohol and ruining their lives. They don't even realize that they have turned into an addict. If you notice any of the following changes in your kid or loved ones, contact the Rehab centre in Patiala today.

When to join a rehabilitation centre in Patiala? Signs of an addict

Here are the following symptoms that you are turning into an addict:

  • 1. Lack of commitment to work and relationship
  • 2. Urge to take the more and more addicted substance
  • 3. Health issues like weight loss, red eyes, dizziness and vomit.
  • 4. Mental health issues, anxiety and depression.
  • 5. Memory loss
  • 6. Lack of socialisation
  • 7. Irritability and anger issues

How can our rehabilitation centre in Patiala help?

New Life Foundation has top-class facilities and treatment programs to help the patient. We focus on the complete development of the patient. We believe that health and nutrition play a very important role when it comes to addiction treatment. Therefore, we have a well-organized diet chart with regular check-ups so that the progress rate of the patient can be checked. We make sure that every patient over here gets extra care and attention.

There are special arrangements made for women. A separate session is offered to them with an air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned room facility. With addiction come many anger issues, so to deal with them, we have yoga meditation sessions to help patients control their anger issues. We have time to time counselling sessions to cope with the new change and keep ourselves away from anxiety, depression, or other mental trauma.

What is the motive of our rehabilitation centre in Patiala?

Our prime motto is to remove toxicity and negativity from patients' minds and bodies. At first, a detoxification process helps to remove all the toxins and addictive substances from the patient’s body. This detoxification process is quite exhausting. Therefore, we have time to time counselling so that patients can stay motivated to give up drugs.

We at our rehabilitation centre in Patiala offer time to time therapies along with medication so that patients can relax and stay calm. We believe that a patient needs to heal from inside as well as outside. Therefore, our treatment program is a blend of medicines and spiritual treatment.

Get an appointment at our rehabilitation centre in Patiala with our experts today! We are ready to assist you at any hour of the day. Our helpline service is available 24 hours so, get in touch with us and start a new life. Your family needs you, and you need to fight against addiction for them.

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