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Rehabilition Centre In Paonta Sahib

Rehabilitation Centre in Paonta Sahib

Reputed Rehabilitation Centre in Ponta Sahib- New Life Foundation

New Life Foundation, one of the best rehabilitation centers in Paonta Sahib, offers you extensive experience and a highly effective program developed after years of research. Our rehabilitation centre in Paonta Sahib provides short and long-term recovery treatment programs for young adults, teenagers, and women.

Our addiction treatment program is a complete blend of clinical treatment, 12 step addiction recovery, spiritual medicine, and family therapies.

Addiction treatment program out h rehabilitation centre in Paonta Sahib

Our rehabilitation centre in Paonta Sahib treatment programs are built on:

1. Clinical rehabilitation

This means that the patient will get the proper medication, doctor's treatment, and guidelines about controlling their urge to use drugs or alcohol. In clinical rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation centre in Paonta Sahib.

2. The 12-step addiction recovery program

We follow our strategic 12-step recovery program for every patient. Our 12 step addiction recovery program includes detoxification, skill-building, yoga and meditation, counselling and therapy, and after treatment.

3. Yoga and meditation

We at our rehabilitation centre in Paonta Sahib give proper emphasis on yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation sessions are pretty practical and keep your body and mind active and alert.

4. Group therapies

We at our rehabilitation centre in Paonta Sahib believe that group therapies are more effective than individual therapies. Therefore, we offer group therapy so that you can build a social network and a community where you support and appreciate each other.

We offer community support services so that patients can support and appreciate each other. We have talk sessions and seminars where ex-addicts come and share their story and experiences with others.

Book an appointment with us today by simply calling us. Our team will get in touch with you and guide you further about the treatment process.

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