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Rehabilition Centre In Ludhiana

Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana

Certified Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana - NLFI-2021

These days many youngsters are falling into the trap of one or another kind of addiction. It is very important to take help and professional guidance from a rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana in such a scenario. New Life Foundation is one of the best rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana. We offer you the best facilities in the most affordable price range.

Drug alcohol and substance addiction treatment at our rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana

Addiction can be of two types one is substance addiction, and another one is behavioural addiction. A patient is addicted to a particular substance like drug, alcohol, smoking, or heroin.. In behavioural addiction, a patient is addicted to a particular behaviour like shopping, sex or gambling. A proper treatment with time to time counselling can help one to get out of the trap of addiction.

We follow a systematic 12 step program approach. Initially, the patient has to go through some tests and assessments so that doctors can get an idea about the patient's physical health. After a proper analysis of the patient, a customized treatment program is prepared. During the treatment process at our rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana, the patient has to go through detoxification, medication, counselling sessions, therapies, and after therapies.

Treatment approach followed by our rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana

The patient has to go through detoxification. In this process, all the toxins are removed from the body of the patient. This detoxification process is quite lengthy, tiring and mentally exhausting. During this time, our staff and nurses can help you out at any hour of the day.

There are regular counselling sessions and therapies to cope with the changes and stay motivated to deal with this detoxification. There are mandatory yoga and meditation sessions so that the patient can learn how to stay mentally and physically fit and alert. We at our rehab centre in Ludhiana focus on reducing the urge to use drugs and alcohol. Therefore, our treatment process is a blend of medication and spiritual healing.

Once this entire process is done, we focus on skill-building. In this particular phase, the patient learns some new skills like writing lyrics, playing an instrument, photography or any other skill. We make sure that our patients learn something new and grow each day.

The most difficult part for any addict is when they get back to their normal life after treatment. So, to keep them motivated and away from drug and alcohol abuse, we have after therapies.

Why choose our rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana?

We offer the following facilities:

  • 1. Pick and drop service
  • 2. Affordable treatment process
  • 3. High success recovery rate
  • 4. Four to six months of the treatment process
  • 5. Complete confidentiality of the patient is maintained.
  • 6. Yoga and meditation sessions
  • 7. Organic food
  • 8. AC and non AC rooms

Get the best treatment from the best we have. You are our extended family, and we make sure you get all the comforts over here. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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