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Rehabilitation Centre in Ladwa

Rehabilitation Centre in Ladwa

Prominent Rehabilitation Centre in Ladwa- New Life Foundation

If you are looking for an addiction treatment program for your loved one, you need to give proper emphasis on addiction treatment. So, make sure you choose a rehabilitation centre in Ladwa with all the modern amenities and a well-designed structure. New Life Foundation is the leading rehabilitation centre in Ladwa.

Facilities offered by our rehabilitation centre in Ladwa

Our rehabilitation centre in Ladwa provides a wide range of facilities to make your stay at our place comfortable. We assure you that at our rehabilitation centre in Ladwa, you get a home-like treatment and vibe.

  • 1. We have single, double, and triple occupancy rooms with full furnished rooms and Ac and Non AC facilities.
  • 2. We offer both vegetarian and non vegetarian food.
  • 3. There are nutritionists to keep a check on the nutritional level and supplements of the patients.
  • 4. There are regular check-ups so that we can get an idea about the progress rate of the patient.
  • 5. We offer you a pick and drop service.
  • 6. We have a 24 hours emergency helpline number to help the patients in case of any emergency.
  • 7. There is a tea and coffee facility available.

Our Network Area

We have many centres spread over India in different parts. We have been serving society for many years. Therefore, we have an idea about how the circumstances and situations have changed with time:

Some of the major areas are:

  • 1. Bilaspur
  • 2. Punjab
  • 3. Amritsar
  • 4. Haryana
  • 5. Srinagar
  • 6. Jammu
  • 7. Ladwa
  • 8. Dharamshala
  • 9. Faridabad and other different location

Join our rehabilitation Centre in Ladwa with the best quality treatment and faster results. We have a success recovery rate of 80.98% and strategies to help you overcome any mental health issue. To know more about the treatment and our rehabilitation centre in Ladwa, contact us today.

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