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De Addiction Centre in Shahbad

De Addiction Centre in Shahbad

Verified De Addiction Center in Shahbad - 24x7 Pickup Facility

De Addiction Center in Shahbad is one of the most renowned Kendras for the eradication of all drug use and addictions. Our experienced doctors and consultants adhere strictly to the 12 step programme. Our extensive experience has led to a high percentage of recovery. The cost and price shouldn't be a concern because only a little amount is charged for this work. At our center, age and gender are not factors because we observe that both young adults and adults are becoming entangled in this form of addiction.

New Life Foundation's De Addiction Center in Shahbad is a cutting-edge, world-class rehabilitation facility that prioritises patients' individual requirements while providing moral, efficient, and expert care. Its method includes controlled patient scheduling that emphasises the patients' mental, physical, and emotional well.

Key principles of the rehabilitation facility

It is thought that a rehabilitation facility can give alcoholics or drug addicts a new life that will bring them and their families a great deal of satisfaction. We have achieved excellent results and have established ourselves as one of the greatest de-addiction centers. At our De Addiction Center in Shahbad, one can have absolute and complete trust for a variety of addictions that are decisively treated. We provide every patient with care and a setting that seems like home, even those who hardly need it.

After treatment is over, assistance is also available from the de-addiction clinic. If the patient needs assistance or any other type of help and support from our end, we offer them the daily routine treatment while taking into account every detail of their issues. To help them adjust to new surroundings and handle their task more quickly, a variety of training and programmes are also made available to them.

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Plot No. 92-93, Jaggi Complex Scheme No.1, Naraingarh Road Mandour, Ambala City, Haryana-134003

Director : Mr. Rajbir Singh


Available Time : 24*7