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The New Life Foundations De Addiction Center in Samrala supports the social movement against drug abuse. We are a well-established and well-known rehabilitation facility in Banur. The goal of our De Addiction Center in Samrala is to provide the community with efficient health solutions. We have also incorporated novel and cutting-edge drug rehabilitation techniques. Patients at our De Addiction Center in Samrala will receive complete medical care and be able to overcome the terrible disease of drug addiction. Come see us right away and start working to restore your life to the way it was.

Drugs' negative impacts on the body include:

  • Drugs immediately damage the human body's neurological system. It affects his ability to think, his mentality, and his behavior.
  • Drug use can also result in a number of both short-term and long-term health issues. In the short term, they can include things like elevated blood pressure, unbalanced body temperature, weight loss, loss of hearing and vision, etc. Similar to how long-term use of medicines can result in lung cancer, heart attacks, kidney failure, liver infections, and many other incurable ailments.
  • Additionally, drugs have an impact on a person's social life. It also erodes confidence and self-respect.
  • Drug use frequently results in financial loss and complete time waste.

How will our treatment process look like?

At our De addiction center in Samrala, we'll use a multi-step therapy plan. The procedure will comprise actions to establish a crucial path to your treatment. If necessary, it aids in the development of therapeutic options later.

Initial Exams - We begin the treatment process by testing the new patients as part of our initial checkups. Body temperature, weight, blood pressure, and a number of additional internal examinations are on the test list.

Diagnose of the Problem: Following checkups, we make an effort to identify the patient's true issue. What kind of medication and for how long they are taking it. In this stage, all of these queries are addressed.

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