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De addiction centre

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Join our De addiction centre in Nawanshahr today if you want to stop taking drugs despite the harm it causes to your body, mind, and behaviour. A number of medical and mental issues, including heart attack, kidney failure, urinary tract infection, bleeding, mental confusion, irregular blood clotting, and even death, can be brought on by drugs like cocaine, marijuana, morphine, opiate, steroids, alcohol, and tobacco. A proper rehabilitation facility can aid in their sobriety.

The addict may be helped to stop using drugs by therapies and therapy sessions. Medicine and therapy are both forms of treatment. Their motivation may be increased by the counselling session, and the psychologist will monitor his development.

Signs of Addiction

Many people have received assistance from the New Life Foundation De addiction centre in Nawanshahr to return to their regular lives. It can be very challenging to tell the difference between a typical teenager's fluctuating moods and drug use. Here are a few clear indicators that will let you know whether a person is using the drug:

  • Physical health problems including red eyes, unexplained weight loss or gain, and a lack of stamina could be affecting his well-being.
  • He might be acting differently now; for example, he might be more secretive and arrogant.
  • He might stop caring about his appearance, dress, and hygiene.
  • He might avoid talking to and interacting with his loved ones, including his family.
  • Despite being in debt, he must still be consuming drugs.

Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

We offer group therapy, one-on-one counselling, and psycho-education about the psychological, physiological, and social effects of alcoholism at our De addiction centre in Nawanshahr. Our specialists are well-equipped to carry out a range of interventions, whether they be medical interventions or psychological interventions for substance abuse that have been empirically validated, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPI), supportive and group therapy is followed at our De addiction center in Nawanshahr for both the duration of the treatment programme and after.

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