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De addiction centre

Verified De Addiction Center in Nakodar - 24x7 Pickup Facility

The leading De Addiction Center in Nakodar, New Life Foundation, is renowned for its innovative and excellent methods for treating drug and alcohol addiction in individuals. We have always sought for the best methods for treating addiction in individuals. The greatest methods for treating alcohol and drug addiction are being studied, analyzed, and put into practice by our professionals.

Our main goal at De Addiction Center in Nakodar is provision of high-quality care and therapy for those with diverse neuro-psychological diseases.

To help persons with incapacitating illnesses manage their symptoms, live completely, and maintain control over their life, we offer a family-centered team approach. We offer comprehensive healthcare options to improve not only the patients but also their familys quality of life when dealing with these chronic conditions.

If you think your loved one may be drug dependent, keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

  • In order to cover up his drug usage, he will begin lying to his loved ones and family. He has also been fired from his job or expelled from school as a result of his drug use.
  • Despite the risks, he continues to use narcotics.
  • He begins stealing money so that he can acquire narcotics.
  • He is terrified and becomes irrationally agitated at the possibility of his drugs supply running out.
  • He has been abusing drugs to deal with his sadness and anger.
  • His eyes are constantly red, and there has been a sudden change in his physical appearance, such as losing or gaining weight.

Here are a few efficient treatments offered by our De Addiction Center:

Detoxification: Detoxification is the process of getting rid of all the poisons the body has collected by using alcohol or drugs. In order to lessen withdrawal symptoms, some drugs are frequently administered during detoxification.

Yoga therapy: Yoga aids in internal body detoxification. Additionally, it calms the body and improves mood.

Music and art therapy: They both improve moods and promote the growth of creative talents.

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