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De addiction centre in Srinagar

De addiction centre in Srinagar

Most reliable de addiction centre in Srinagar - NLFI-2021

Our De-addiction centre in Srinagar is the best addiction centre in Srinagar City. Top-class facilities within the most affordable price range. It is among the oldest and most reliable de-addiction centers in the area. Our prices are quite nominal, and every treatment process generally lasts for 4 to 6 months, depending on the patient's condition.

We understand that it is very painful to see your loved ones struggling with addiction. So we make sure that you get the best facilities at our de-addiction centre in Srinagar.

How to support your loved ones during their addiction treatment at the de-addiction centre at Srinagar?

During addiction recovery treatment, the role of family and loved ones is significant. If you have the constant support of your family, then there are more chances of faster recovery. You need to have patience while dealing with your loved ones. There will be a time when they will be rude to you, but you need to control your anger. Don't complain or talk negatively about anything with them. Try to make them feel loved and positive.

We at our de-addiction centre in Srinagar offer you family therapy sessions crucial in building the bond. Try to accompany your loved one during the family therapy sessions to be supportive.

Why are group therapy sessions a crucial part of addiction treatment at our de-addiction centre in Srinagar?

We have group therapies as well, which are quite essential to build a bond and a network. We at our de-addiction centre try to make a network where people appreciate and support each other.

We have talk shows and sessions where ex-addicts come and share their journey and how they recovered.

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