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De addiction centre in Samba

De addiction centre in Samba

Most trusted de addiction centre in Samba - NLFI-2021

Don’t hesitate to join our de-addiction centre in Samba for quality treatment at nominal prices. We have the best facilities and treatment approach to help out the patients who have lost direction in life. Many teenagers have no clue where they are going ahead. Peer pressure or to look cool pushes them more into addiction. Eventually, they end up alone, stuck with anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts. So, before it’s too late, contact our experts.

Why choose our de-addiction centre in Samba?

Our de-addiction centre in Samba is a perfect spot to start your addiction-free journey. We offer high-quality service with premium facilities. Our prices generally start from Rs.15,000 and go beyond depending on the facilities that you choose. Our treatment typically lasts for 4-6 months or one year, depending on the patient’s condition.

We have both the food menu options like vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. There is a nutritionist who takes care of the dietary supplement of the patient. We have a balanced diet chart, and food is served accordingly.

We maintain complete confidentiality of the treatment procedure, and no information is shared with anyone. We have CCTV coverage to keep a check on the condition of the patient. We follow a zero-tolerance policy which means no addictive substance can be bought on the premises.

What is the treatment approach followed by our de-addiction centre in Samba?

We at our de-addiction centre in Samba follow a 12-step program approach. This program approach includes:

  • 1. Evaluation
  • 2. Detoxification
  • 3. Counselling and therapy sessions
  • 4. Yoga and meditation sessions
  • 5. Skill Building
  • 6. After therapy
    • So, get in touch with our de-addiction centre in Samba and give up drug and alcohol addiction. To know more about the treatment approach and details about the program, call us!

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