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De addiction centre in Rampur

De addiction centre in Rampur

Certified de addiction centre in Rampur - NLFI-2021

Looking for a de-addiction centre in Rampur? New Life Foundation is the leading De-addiction centre in Rampur offering quality results in minimum time. Our treatment program generally last between 4-6 months with proper educational period and after therapy treatment. At our de-addiction centre in Rampur, the programs are designed so that every patient gets proper attention and treatment. Our team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, and counsellors are well certified, qualified, and experienced in dealing with addicts. They know how to turn your life clean and sober with painless treatment.

What treatment to expect at our de-addiction centre in Rampur?

At our de-addiction centre in Rampur, we focus on four significant aspects. The very first aspect is evaluation. In this process, our patience has to go through tests to get an idea about their physical health. At the next stage, detoxification focuses on removing toxic or addictive substances from the patient's body. Once this detoxification phase is over, we work on the educational period. In this stage, we ensure that every patient gets desired educational values and can learn something productive like singing, writing lyrics playing instruments, or any other skill. At last, we focus on after treatment to ensure that no relapse occurs and the patient can stay motivated.

Along with this entire treatment process, we make sure that the patient gets time to time counselling and therapy sessions to cope with the changes and recover faster. Every morning there are mandatory yoga and meditation sessions which prove pretty effective in drug addiction treatment. Yoga and meditation help one to control body, mind, and emotions and, as a result, reduce the urge to take any addictive material. The positive environment and correct ambiance can do wonders, so we ensure that you get a positive judgment-free environment at our de-addiction centre in Rampur.

We are like a family. Therefore, we make sure that you get the best from food to facilities to health and hygiene. Our de-addiction centre in Rampur follows all the covid-19 set up by the government and our staff thermal screening. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us; our team will be happy to serve you.

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