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De addiction centre in Phagwara

De addiction centre in Phagwara

Most reliable de addiction centre in Phagwara - NLFI-2021

Finding a de-addiction centre in Phagwara is not tough anymore. New Life Foundation is here to provide you the best services and treatment. Our de-addiction centre in Phagwara is one of the best De-addiction centres in Phagwara that offers the best treatment and facilities.

Role of a family during the addiction treatment at our de-addiction centre in Phagwara

The role of the family is vital during addiction treatment. An addicted person requires love and care. There are times when they feel unwanted and lonely. In such times it is essential to support them and be with them. At our de-addiction centre in Phagwara, we offer love and care that every patient deserves. We have family therapies that are very helpful in the treatment process. These therapies help you to build a bond with your loved ones. It would be great to attend those family therapy sessions with your loved one and your support and care.

Along with this, we also offer group therapy sessions to help people create a community to appreciate and encourage each other. In these community therapy sessions, people share their stories and experiences. There are talk shows where ex-addict come and share their success stories and how they overcame addiction.

Our Network area:

We are located in various locations in India. Some of these locations are:

  • 1. Punjab
  • 2. Amritsar
  • 3. Ludhiana
  • 4. Patiala
  • 5. Ambala
  • 6. Shimla
  • 7. Jalandhar
  • 8. Manali
  • 9. Karnal
  • 10. Bilaspur
  • 11. Hisar
  • 12. Kullu
  • 13. Rohtak
  • 14. Sonipat
  • 15. Bhatinda
  • 16. Yamuna Nagar

Come and join our family to live an addiction-free life.

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Plot No. 92-93, Jaggi Complex Scheme No.1, Naraingarh Road Mandour, Ambala City, Haryana-134003

Director : Mr. Rajbir Singh


Available Time : 24*7