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De addiction centre in Panchkula

De addiction centre in Panchkula

Certified de addiction centre in Panchkula - NLFI-2021

Our de-addiction centre in Panchkula is one of the leading names for drug and alcohol addiction. We offer you stress-free and less complicated treatment in an affordable price range starting right from Rs. 15,000.

Addiction is an absolute taboo in our society, so we make sure that no information is shared with anyone and complete confidentiality is maintained. Many people, despite strong will and morals, are unable to quit the addiction. So, in such hard times, it becomes essential to get professional help.

New Life Foundation offers that professional help and creates awareness about drug and alcohol addiction in society. Whether you suffer from substance addiction or behavioral addiction, our de-addiction centre in Panchkula is here to help you. Affordability and accessibility are the two x-factors that make us the most preferred choice.

Visit our de-addiction centre in Panchkula.

We understand that searching for a de-addiction centre in Panchkula can be tiring, but not anymore! All you have to do is book an appointment with our experts and get an idea about our treatment approach. The infrastructure of our addiction centre is quite impressive.

We offer different treatment therapies so that a person can recover faster and better. We have experienced staff who is trained in recognizing and treating patients with substance abuse. At Nasha Mukti Kendra in Panchkula, we offer family programs; these family programs are pretty helpful.

Our family education and treatment option include

  • 1. Contacting your loved ones regularly.
  • 2. Separate counselling sessions for families on how to treating an addicted person
  • 3. Separate education on addiction and behavioral health of an energetic person
  • 4. An intensive treatment program.

The role of a family is vital in helping an addict to get out of addiction. Therefore try to be a part of family programs regularly and make sure that you accompany your loved one for the sessions. You need to have a lot of patience to deal with another person, making sure that you become supportive and positive.

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