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De addiction centre in Moga

De addiction centre in Moga

Most reliable de addiction centre in Moga - NLFI-2021

Dealing with addiction is tough. You need to have proper medication, guidance, counselling, and therapies to get out of it. The De-addiction centre in Moga is a perfect place for you to start your addiction-free journey.

New Change the Life Foundation is helping out people in finding the true purpose of their life and giving up alcohol and drugs. Our society has seen a rapid increase in drug and alcohol addiction among teenagers, so our De-addiction centre in Moga is helping society to be a better place.

Treatment therapies offered at our de-addiction centre in Moga

Our de-addiction centre in Moga offers you a safe and positive environment. We offer different counselling sessions like:

Along with medication and detoxification, therapies play a quintessential role in the addiction recovery treatment. So, we ensure that you get the right treatment from the right people to turn sober.

We offer different therapy sessions, which are quite effective during addiction treatment. Some of the addiction therapy services are:

1. Behavioral therapy

At our, New Life Foundation offers different therapeutic options to a patient. All these therapeutic options are well researched and evidence-based. Behavioral therapy support helps you to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

2. Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy means providing the right kind of Nutrition to a patient so that they can recover faster. We explain to them the importance of the right type of nutrients to stay away from dehydration and malnutrition. The food we prepare at our de-addiction centre in Moga is organic

3. Group therapy

Group therapies are quite effective when it comes to addiction. It helps you to build a community where people support and appreciate each other. We have ex-addicts who share their stories and experiences with others.

Get in touch with our experts and start your addiction-free life today.

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