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De addiction centre in Manali

De addiction centre in Manali

Most reliable de addiction centre in Manali - NLFI-2021

Get the best facilities in an affordable range at New Life Foundation, the leading de-addiction centre in Manali. We are the most appropriate place for people suffering from drugs, alcohol or any other kind of addiction. All our treatment processes are innovative and customised. With the best team of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrist counsellors and therapists, we have treated so many people and have helped them start a new addiction-free life.

Our treatment process is quite effective and shows results within a few months. The treatment process lasts between 4 to 6 months and is quite effective.

Treatment at our de-addiction centre in Manali

Alcohol addiction treatment

Our experts and professionals help you can get rid of alcohol and the problems associated with it. We offer leading alcohol treatment in Manali, Himachal, Shimla, Kullu, Jammu, Karnal, and other parts of India.

Drug addiction treatment

Many times we don't realise that we have fallen into drug addiction. Peer pressure and easy availability make it easily accessible for teenagers. At our de-addiction centre in Manali, you get the best drug addiction treatment. We hear follower simple 12 steps holistic approach. There are proper counselling and therapy sessions to help you during detoxification or any other crucial moment.

Dual diagnosis treatment

At our de-addiction centre in Manali, we offer dual diagnosis treatment. It becomes common for drug and alcohol addicts to suffer from mental illness, anxiety or substance abuse. Our expert team of doctors help such patients and reduce their dependence on drugs.

Heroin addiction treatment

Teenagers are falling into the trap of addiction, and heroin addiction is the most common. We at our de-addiction centre in Manali offer an innovative treatment approach.

Join our de-addiction centre in Manali today and get the best quality treatment in an affordable price range.

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