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De addiction centre in Ludhiana

De addiction centre in Ludhiana

Most Reliable De Addiction Centre in Ludhiana

Drug and alcohol abuse is the primary cause of concern in many families. Every day one or the other person falls into the trap of drug and alcohol addiction and spoils their life. Despite strong will and determination, it becomes so difficult to come out of this rat hole. In such challenging times, you need professional guidance. Therefore, a De Addiction Centre in Ludhiana is a must for the proper treatment of addicts

New Life Foundation is the best and most reliable de addiction centre, offering five-star facilities at affordable prices. You will get highly experienced and trained doctors, nurses, and medical staff. Our team is quite supportive and friendly.

The major problem for an addict is being judged by society. Hence, we make sure that complete confidentiality of the treatment program is maintained and that no information is shared with anyone. Furthermore, we also help to build a community to support each other.

Why do people fall into addiction and need a de addiction centre?

There are many reasons why people fall into addiction some of the most common causes of addiction are:

  • 1. If someone in the family has a history of addiction. It becomes common for other generations to fall for it as well.
  • 2. If someone is going through mental trauma or disorder like stress or anxiety they fall for addiction.
  • 3. Peer pressure
  • 4. Easy availability
  • 5. People with weaker family bonds look for drugs and alcohol to reduce their loneliness.

Treatment approach at our de addiction centre in Ludhiana

We at our De Addiction Centre follow a 12-step holistic and strategic program approach.


The first step after the evaluation is to remove toxins from the body of the patient. This process is quite exhausting and lengthy and needs proper care and assistance. A medical team is available 24 hours a to assist and guide you.

Counselling & therapy sessions

We have time-to-time counselling and therapy sessions to help the patient stay calm and away from anxiety and depression. These therapy sessions help one be motivated.

Community Support programs

We have a community support program where patients appreciate and encourage each other. There are special seminars where ex-addicts share their stories and experiences.

Yoga and meditation

Every morning there are yoga and meditation sessions so that patients can stay fit both physically and mentally. Yoga and meditation help one to increase self-control and determination.

Skill Building

After detoxification, we focus on skill-building. In this stage, the patient learns new skills like writing lyrics, playing an instrument, photography or any other skill.

After therapy

There are after therapy programs so that patients can stay motivated once they get back to everyday life. For any addict, the crucial part is to keep them away from drug and alcohol abuse. Get in touch with us today and give up an addiction at De Addiction Centre in Ludhiana. Your family needs you so you need to fight against your addiction to start a new addiction-free life.

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