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De addiction centre in Ladwa

De addiction centre in Ladwa

Certified de addiction centre in Ladwa - NLFI-2021

Drug and alcohol treatment can help one to give up the addiction completely. New Life Foundation is one of the leading names for the best de-addiction treatment centre in Ladwa. We offer treatment according to the needs and requirements of the patient.

Some people join the de-addiction centre in Ladwa for drug addiction treatment, while others participate in alcohol addiction treatment. So, we at our de-addiction centre in Ladwa offer you the following addiction treatment:

Drug addiction treatment

At the de-addiction centre in Ladwa, we offer quality treatment to a patient. Our treatment process is designed in a way that helps every individual. We follow a 12 step holistic program approach with proper strategies and plans.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol is one of the most common addictions found among teenagers. Easy availability, peer pressure, or a family history, all these factors contribute to more exposure to alcohol in teenagers—we at our de-addiction centre in Ladwa of alcohol addiction treatment with innovative therapies.

Dual diagnosis treatment

We at our de-addiction centre in Ladwa offer you dual diagnosis treatment by the expert therapist and counsellors. At our de-addiction centre in Ladwa, we work on both your addiction and your mental health issues. Our certified therapists and counsellors help you to overcome every mental stress and anxiety.

Anger management

With addiction comes many anger issues to help the patient deal with those anger issues and help provide strategies to deal with anger issues.

Behavioral addiction treatment

We at our de-addiction centre in Ladwa offer treatment for behavioral addiction. It is the type of addiction in which the person gets addicted to a particular activity or habits like shopping, gambling, social media, and many more. We have counsellors and therapists who help to suppress the urge to perform one particular activity.

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