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De addiction centre in Kangra

De addiction centre in Kangra

Most trusted de addiction centre in Kangra - NLFI-2021

Want to get out of the rat hole of addiction? Contact our team today for quality treatment and premium services at an affordable range. New Life Foundation is the best de-addiction centre in Kangra, Amritsar, Haryana, Poonch, Sambar, Bilaspur, and many more.

Our treatment process is relatively painless and has meager chances of relapse. We make sure that you get the proper treatment both mentally and physically. The most crucial aspect while treating an addicted person is to balance their emotions. Emotional disbalance and mental trauma push one more into addiction and abuse.

Method of treatment at our de-addiction centre in Kangra

Our de-addiction centre in Kangra follows a 12-step approach. At first, we try to understand the patient's physical and mental health. One has to go through a few tests and assessments. After proper evaluation and analysis, a customised treatment program is prepared.

The next step is detoxification; all the toxins are removed from the patient's body with the help of makeup and techniques. This process is exhausting and lengthy, so there is time to time counselling and therapy sessions to keep the patient motivated and cope with the changes. Next, we focus on education and skill-building activities. This stage keeps one entertained and encouraged. Once the treatment is over, we offer you after therapy treatments to help you cope when you get back to your everyday life.

The goal of our de-addiction centre in Kangra

Our de-addiction centre in Kangra focuses on a holistic and strategic approach to help out the patients. Believe that turning sober from an addict is not an easy job; it requires patience, persistence, and medication. We make sure that you get all the comfort and high-quality modern facilities during your entire treatment.

Join our de-addiction centre in Kangra today for effective and quality results.

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