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Best De Addiction Center in Ambala Cantt: The New Life Foundation offers fantastic drug recovery facilities. Under this moniker, we have many drug rehabilitation facilities spread over northern India. As a result, our top De Addiction Center in Ambala Cantt is one of the most reliable and well-equipped facilities. Here, we provide patients with the most cutting-edge medical technology available. Regardless of the drug-related nature of each case, we have complete control over it.

This experience has taught us a lot and helped us understand how different each person's addiction is, demanding tailored care in order to assure a long-term recovery. Group therapy, individual therapy, and individualized counseling are all forms of treatment.

For people looking to escape the grip of addiction, our De Addiction Center in Ambala Cantt is the one-stop destination. People frequently believe they can control their dependence on their own. However, the procedure is far from simple and challenging to follow.

In extremely rare circumstances, long-term addiction can cause a sufferer to experience various grave conditions like heart attack, organ failure, and even death. Therefore, receiving the appropriate care in a rehabilitation facility is essential if you want to turn your life around.



One of the best methods for overcoming addiction is meditation. This exercise focuses on the relationship between the mind and body. The complete well-being of the mind and body is the main objective of meditation.


The process of ridding one's body of drugs or alcohol consumption is known as detoxification (detox). Detox helps treat withdrawal symptoms when a person stops using drugs or alcohol.


As they try to overcome their addiction, persons who are addicted frequently receive assistance from therapists who specialize in addiction recovery in setting reasonable short-term goals.


Holistic therapy addresses both the physical signs of addiction and withdrawal as well as the patient's general health.

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Plot No. 92-93, Jaggi Complex Scheme No.1, Naraingarh Road Mandour, Ambala City, Haryana-134003

Director : Mr. Rajbir Singh


Available Time : 24*7